Sirolo Ancona, paese, mare e servizi

Sirolo Ancona, land, sea and services

Tuesday, 04 February 2014

Sirolo Ancona It is a small town in the heart of Conero Park. It can be considered a pearl of rare beauty overlooking the turquoise sea of ​​the 'Adriatico.

The historic center of the country offers its visitors a pleasant and exciting promenade with stunning sea views.

Cafes, bars, restaurants and outdoor markets are always open to make the holidays in the resort comfortable and fun.

For all the tourist information about the town of Siroloyou can visit:

A beautiful medieval town nestled among the green of the mountain and the blue sea, Sirolo It is considered "the pearl of the Adriatic", a precious jewel of art set in a breathtaking landscape. The scenario is that of the Conero Riviera, at the foot of a mountain that rises suddenly to the sea, with white pebble beaches and a blue sea.

Around the year one thousand, in the face of raids and barbarians and the need to defend themselves, Sirolo He acquired its identity as a fortress with half-timbered system of roads, alleys and towers. To defend against barbarians, the Sirolesi also built a series of underground tunnels that formed a veritable hidden city where people lived continuing to carry concealed trades. Sirolo in the Middle Ages was one of the most important meeting places of the Franciscan movement and of all those who wished monastic orders the return of the Church to the original spirit of the Gospel, and who, persecuted, they fled to Sirolo and the Conero.Sirolo still retains the shape assumed in the Middle Ages, the castle, the towers and the walls make us believe that the time has never passed and still relive the ancient medieval atmosphere. The village, with its streets and alleys, is currently developing outside the medieval walls, a beautiful road from the square leads to 'last outskirts of the city, the vineyards, which today as in centuries past, touching the doors of the houses.

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